The Food You Love to Eat
The Quintessential Macaroni and Cheese – $10.95
From our trailer park days, with a crunchy top

Wet 'n Wild Burrito Escondido – $10.95
Warm tortilla con toda veggies de la casita,
in other words - a great cheese & veggie burrito with ranchero!

110% Veggie Chili – $10.95
Triple bean chili with ancho chile, sour cream,
aged cheddar, guacamole, pico and chips

Angelito's Famous Fish Tacos – $13.25
House made corn tortillas & the whole enchilada!!

Not Your Mother's Meatloaf – $14.50
The best! Skin-on smashies with mushroom gravy
& garden veggies

Roast Turkey Dinner – $15.95
This plate made the pilgrims blush...traditional with all the trimmin's

Uncle Red's Addiction – $14.95
Blossom honey dip't fried chicken, skin-on smashies with
brown gravy & garden veggies - it's no wonder he's addicted

Pork Chops All the Way – $15.95
Grilled center cut pork chops served with
bbq sweet potatoes & garden veggies

TV dinner
Chicken fried steak, green bean casserole,
& skin-on smashies with country gravy

From our Garden
Chinatown Chicken Salad – $12.75
Grilled chicken breast, shaved napa and red cabbage, iceberg,
carrots, red peppers, green onions and crispy wontons,
with a tangy sesame soy dressing

The Caesar Romero – $9.50
He liked his with chicken, add two bucks

The Classic Wedge with Grilled Steak – $13.25
A wedge of iceberg lettuce, blue cheese, onion strings,
chopped tomato...and of course, grilled flank steak

"Chew's" Kitchen Sink – $13.75
Some call it "Chef's Salad" - garden greens, grilled chicken,
ham, cheddar, blue cheese, olives, tomato, artichoke hearts,
green beans, roasted red peppers, cucumbers,
hard boiled egg and herbs italiano, a la balsamic vinaigrette

Served with french fries and "C&C's" cole slaw
cheese...add a buck fifty

The Holy Cow – $9.95
She's not a buddhist, but she is bountiful!
Pillow soft bun, lettuce and tomato

Turkey Burger – $10.95
Grilled and served on a bun with lettuce and tomato

The Veggie Burger – $9.95
Grilled and served on a bun with all the garden delight fixins'
We are happy to accept American Express, Diners Club,
Visa or MasterCard.

"skin-on" smashies with brown gravy – $4.50
bbq'd sweet potatoes – $4.50
crispy french fries – $5.25
south of the border rice and beans – $4.50
harvest garden veggies – $4.50
green bean casserole – $4.50
"C&C's" creamy cole slaw – $3.25

Just Pikt Freshly Squeezed
Orange Juice or Lemonade – $2.75/$3.75
Cranberry, Tomato, Grapefruit or Pineapple – $2.50/$3.50

From the Fountain
Iced Tea and Pop – $2.25
Boyland's Birch Beer (Reg or Diet) – $2.75
Stewart's Orange n' Cream Soda – $2.75
Chocolate Milk – $2.25
Häagen Dazs Milk Shakes – $5.75
Hot Teas (Regular & Herbal) — $2.00
Ice Cream Float – $4.50

Freshly Brewed Regular or Unleaded (Iced or Hot) – $2.00
Cappuccino – $3.50
Espresso – $2.50
Mochaccino – $3.75

Having a party? Chat 'n Chew caters -
in or out, big or small. Call us for details.

Small Talk and Starters
Soup o' the Day
cup/$4.25 or bowl/$5.25

Chat 'n Chew Salad de la Casa – $6.50
Garden greens, carrot ribbons, tomato, cucumber, sprouts,
blue cheese and croutons

Panchos Nachos Grandito – $8.95
With all the works

Grilled Buffalo Shrimp – $8.95
Nice & spicy, creamy blue cheese dressing,
celery & carrot sticks

Teenie Weenie Mac and Cheese – $6.50
Good for the young'ns

Fried Oysters – $13.95
Cracker crusted Atlantic oysters
with our famous Old Bay tartar sauce

Sweet Potato Fries – $5.95
with a smoked chile catsup

Crispy Onion Ribbons – $5.95
With a nice dusting of spices

Woo Woo's Chicken Wings – $8.50
Blue cheese and celery sticks

Daily Bread
Served with french fries and "C&C's" cole slaw

The Classic Grilled Cheese – $7.95
With American, swiss & cheddar cheese...the tomato's on us
ham or bacon?? kindly add a buck fifty

Thick Cut Bacon Lettuce & Tomato – $8.50
The best in all of NYC...on a toasted 7 grain

Miss Patty's Chicken Sammy – $10.75
Marinated grilled chicken breast, cheddar, herb mayo,
lettuce & tomato on toasted 7 grain

The Boss's Favorite – $12.75
Grilled steak sandwich on toasty garlic bread with lettuce, tomato, grilled
onions, shrooms and horseradish mayo on ciabatta.
Cheese...add a buck fifty

Cajun Catfish Po' Boy – $10.95
Loungin' on a warm loaf with lettuce, tomato and our famous
Old Bay tartar sauce. Grilled or decide

Thanksgiving On A Roll – $11.95
Fresh roast turkey, awesome stuffing, cranberry sauce
and mayo on ciabatta