What's new with Aspire Atlantis V2 ?

If you are a vapor enthusiast or just a loyal vape user then you will know that there is really a great competition between Kanger and Aspire. Each of these great creators has their own devices that will compete with each other. Versions to versions especially when they hear what the consumer wanted they really try to make it for them.

Just like Aspire, they already created Aspire Atlantis but due to some needs and feedbacks from the consumers and so they have come up with another version of Atlantis and it was named Aspire Atlantis V2. I was also curious what makes it different from the original Atlantis. Aspire Atlantis tank is the very first and highest performing sub ohm, non RTA/RBA clearomizer when it was released. It is one of the high selling device and for vape stores resellers they can get it in aspire distributor. If you want to know more about this item, you can visit this wholesale vaping supply store www.hawkvape.com. And it remains to be like that until now. They create another version to make the performance step up to the higher level. Instead of making a mini or nano just like what kanger do, they created Version 2 bigger. It has now a capacity of 3ml e-liquid from the original 2ml. It has an upgraded airflow control system and a cooling mechanism in the drip tip that will keep the mouthpiece cool. The most enhanced part is it has three new replaceable coils and each with different resistance. 0.3ohm, powered with 60-70 watts; 0.5ohm, powered with 20-30 watts and the 1.0ohm powered with 40-50 watts.

What do you think of this? And good news, they say that 2.0 will be able to use the coils or the original Atlantis. This is another breakthrough of aspire, creating a device while thinking on what the consumer can benefit from it. It is not just spending too much for it but also the feeling the satisfaction that vapers can have.